Types of Staffing

StaffWorks specializes in Industrial Staffing, from General Labor to Skilled/Technical recruiting.


Just in Time Resources

They allow you to manage your business and meet your customer’s production orders without overstaffing throughout the year.  We are able to provide staffing resources on short notice. (order a day ahead or just hours)  This is a great program for projects or seasonal needs.  Many of our clients utilize just in time staffing to deal with the cyclical nature of their business.

Assignment to Hire Resources

They give you and the candidate the opportunity to ensure the best fit for employment.  During the candidate’s hiring period, you as the client are not responsible for Unemployment Insurance or costs, Worker’s Compensation Insurance or costs or paying the candidates payroll taxes.  This program has improved our current customer’s retention rates once they hire our Assignment to Hire Resources and has shown them a long term cost savings in many instances.

Direct Hire Resources

They allow you to save money and time on the recruiting and screening process.  After determining the basic skills and traits to look for, StaffWorks will conduct a search, screen (according to the client’s needs) and present only the most qualified candidates for your approval.  Once you select a candidate, you are able to hire that person directly to your payroll and you simply pay StaffWorks a fee for the recruiting and screening.

Payroll Resources

They allow you to control your hiring process and maintain a long term workforce while reducing the costs associated with employment and controlling your PTE count.